About Us

Our History

We love to read!

We have been reading and accumulating books of many varieties for a long time, with an emphasis on certain genres, such as Spy novels and sci-fi. Lately, we've been emphasizing mystery books of all sorts. We enjoy visiting bookshops on our vacations, as well as shops in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, near where we used to live.

We have moved to Northern Wisconsin where we purchased a building to to house a used bookshop and us. We are located in beautiful downtown Winter. Find us on Main Street, just south of Wisconsin Highway 70.

This undertaking has been lots of hard work, both physically (books are heavy, and so are the shelves!) and mentally (what to do next on the vast todo list). We are nearing the completion of cataloging our books, and sorting them, and trying not to spend too much time being distracted by long forgotten or newly acquired books. During our start up and moving phase, we had many thousand books donated to us. We are very fortunate and grateful for this generosity. We are nearing 12,000 books in our collection!

We are in the midst of opening our shop, and getting a web presence. We look forward to opening our store, reading books, and selling them to you!

Our Staff

Knightly, our book store cat and boss.

Sharai, our guiding force and expert.

Rob, our book hauler, driver, shelf builder, website guy, marketing diva and building repairer.